Dragon & Lion Dance

Sydney Youth Dragon & Lion Dance Troupe

dragon dance

Our mission is to train the younger generation to be the pillar of the society and to actively participate in activities of the community so as to create social harmony, promoting Chinese cultural, Chinese martial arts and exercise.
Article I: Purpose
  • To provide education and training to young persons about traditional Chinese Dragon and Lion Dance and authentic internal martial arts.
  • To promote public cultural awareness by performing in shows, festivals, ceremonies and parades.
  • To promote healthy lifestyle and mental and physical wellbeing.
  • To promote social harmony by encouraging young persons to actively participate in community activities.

Article II: Rules and Responsibilities

  • Be a good and socially responsible citizen by abiding the laws and government regulations.
  • Comply with the organization’s dress code.
  • Restrain from drugs, smoking, alcohol and gambling.
  • Participate in community services and social activities.

Article III: Recognition

Members with outstanding contribution shall have the opportunity to receive certificate of merit from the government and local community.

Article IV: Termination of Memberships

Any member in violation of the rules three times shall be terminated.

2010 Master William Ho