We’re holding classes teaching tai chi, bagua and tai chi around Sydney.

The Australia Taoist Kung Fu Association also provides intensive training in Tai Chi Chuan and Bagua Zhang. This course will be taught in Sydney by Master William Ho and it is suitable for anyone who wants to learn traditional Chinese internal marital arts. It will cover advanced Taoist-based Kung Fu which includes Qi Gong, Tai Chi Chuan, Bagua Zhang and push-hands. In addition, basic Chinese herbal medicine and therapeutic massage for injury prevention will be taught.

This intensive training is available for those who live interstate and overseas. Free accommodation will be provided during the training period. The tuition fee is US$120 per day (8 hours).

Class Schedule

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Tai Chi, Bagua ( Pakua )  & Taoist Qigong and Self Defence

Tai Chi Therapy

Traditional Chinese Chiropractic treatment for fixing bad neck and spine. Also includes full body diagnosis and treatment

Times Available for Booking

Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Sunday: 8am – 7pm

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 2pm – 7pm

Please cal Master Ho to book a time

Mobile: 0417 275 325
Home tel.: 02  9638 4559
Classes  ad treatments to be held in the teacher’s house in Ermington2/558 Victoria Road, Ermington NSW 2115, Sydneynear West Ryde.

* Come and go between these hours

Youth Dragon & Lion Dance, Youth Kick boxing


Daily classes available at different times. Contact Master Ho for details

2/558 Victoria Road, Ermington NSW 2115 , Sydney near West Ryde.

Take M52 red express  bus from Town hall- 30 min ride, stop near Woolies


Private Martial Art Lessons


要電話預約 上門服務要洽商決定

聯絡 何師傅 0417  275  325 洽

Available 7 days a week

Please contact Master Ho to book a time

Mobile: 0417 275 325
Home tel.: 02  9638 4559
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Bagua Circle Walking

Bagua Circle Walk Practice

Thai boxing class