Chinese New Year 2010

The Chinese New Year celebration held at Parramatta on February 19 (Friday) attracted large crowd of audience that is more than ever before. The Lion & Dagon Dance was the most applauded performance in the event. When the VIP guests were pointing to the eyes of the Lion & Dragon as a ritual ceremony, and lit the firecrackers in the front of the stage, the audience crowd was getting increasingly excited, actually a cheerful spectacular at the scene.

However, there are two issues I would like to address:

1. Each one of the VIP guests presiding on the stage has received a polite reception from the host, especially the representatives on behalf of the event sponsors, indeed, they must be arranged to take part in the ritual lighting ceremony in a hope that more sponsorships will be placed by theme on late dates. At the first, the manager from the city council informed me that more than ten guests would have a go for the eyes lighting ceremony, so I had prepared a dozen of brush pens. A bit doubt, MC told me on the night, brush pens are only given to two guests. I asked MC “who said the pens are given to only two guests”, MC answered “it’s my boss”, and then I expressed my great concern over the unreasonable conduct of unified treatments towards all VIP guests, discreditably for others, and certainly I did not agree. Later, MC agreed to give all VIPs the pens and invited all of these guests to take part in the ceremony. Actually, who had instructed to give pens to only two guests on that night? For sure, this person is appropriate to take the role responsible to the event.

2. At the early preparation stage, I made a proposal to the manager from the city council to arrange a special workshop booth for the convenience of the audience to know more about the beautiful Lion & Dragon and take photos as taking photos with Santa Claus in Christmas seasons, this can be one more opportunity for people, learning the Lion & Dragon dance, and have a chance to play the property in person. It is a pity the proposal has not got approved.

Afterwards, the beautiful multicolored Lion & Dragon were marching in the streets, attracted most audience to leave their seats and followed the passionate parade crowd, this is a fact that people love the dance arts. Then the situation was a blocked marching parade delaying the scheduled time for the dance troupe to finish off at 8:00 PM. At the final, security team was called to solve the problem.

My idea to allow the audience to approach and take photos with it, especially all curious kids to touch the Lion & Dragon is the first case in Australia. Anyhow, any festival celebration which aims to promote multiculturalism among different minority groups and communities is a way to realize the goal of social harmony, meanwhile a mean of lifting the image of Parramatta City, virtually the attraction of the city in a short term and prosperity of city for a long run.

The other complaint I would like to report:
There are more and more homeless and vagabond persons gather around the square of the Town Hall and the park. They take drug and alcohol, dump rubbish and drop dirty stuff around, destroy the scenery of the Town Hall, and put a shame on the Parramatta City. Every day, as the mobile food delivery van of the Red Cross release foods at around 6:00 PM, more and more homeless persons come along. Is there any possibility to relocate the foods dispatching place? Actually to restore the image of Parramatta City

William Ho