Government Support


William Ho
In recognition of your dedication, commitment and
Voluntary Service to
Tai-chi Class Parramatta Chinese Community Association


Message from Laurie Ferguson MP
Federal Member for Reid Parliamentary for Multicultural Affairs and Settlement Services

My role guarantees frequent contact with member’s successful Chinese diasporas, Many individuals are active on many fronts within our community and none, it appears, more so than Master William Ho.
In this increasingly globalizes word, Master Ho stands out as an exemplary role model for other migrants. For the past ten years he has fuelled his artistic creation, the Sydney Youth Dragon and Lion Dancing Troupe, with increasing numbers of young people, offering a healthy alternative to social networking.
Additionally, his greatest achievement to date is his role as a Tai Chi Master, whereby he teaches older people on a daily basis the ancient and harmonious technique. He has thus united all levels of the Chinese community and inspired them to follow a healthy life filled with healthy and active pursuits.
Master William Ho has been the recipient of numerous Government awards and honors, and deservedly so. He is beacon of goodwill and generosity in the community and I wish him continuing success in his Endeavour’s, and in this project particularly, his book on Tai Chi.

I have known Master ho for ten years and our acquaintance came about through his leadership of the Sydney youth Dragon and Lion Dancing Troupe. William Ho is very well known in Western Sydney ‘s Chinese community, He and his wife Jane are the chief organizers of a big annual event, bringing together performers from many disciplines for the showcase. I understand that Mr. Ho intends to apply for Justice of Peace, NSM, a role that he will heavily utilize within his own community. William Ho is a man of hesitation in supporting his application.


Messages of Congratulation

Master Ho has been a tireless advocate for the benefits of Tai-chi in the local Parramatta community for many years. From his early morning Tai-chi classes in front of the Parramatta Town Hall to his hosting of dragon dances at many countless community events in the local area. He is an exemplar of what great advantages Tai-chi can bring to one’s mind and body.


I am delighted to be able to provide this message of support for Tai Chi Master William Ho.
The basic principle of Taoist Martial Arts is to improve one’s mind with the aim of improving health and longevity. Master Ho has used his knowledge of Tai Chi to improve the lives of many members of the Chinese and New South Wales community as a whole.
Master Ho was the recipient of the Premier’s Victor Chang Community Service Award in 2006, and in recognition of his work with young people and the elderly, he has previously been awarded ‘Citizen of the year’ by Parramatta City Council.
His work with young people is aimed at offering them a range of healthy alternative activities such as self defence, Lion Dancing and social networking.
In his role as a Tai Chi Master, he has organised classes for older members of our community, increasing the confidence and quality of life of all involved.
William Ho also founded the Parramatta Chinese Community Association and worked tirelessly to create a Chinese New Year Festival in Parramatta.
The New South Wales Government acknowledges Master Ho’s outstanding commitment and dedication to the Chinese Community.
I extend my warmest congratulations to Master Ho on the occasion of publishing his book and best wishes for the future.
The Hon Nathan Rees MP
Premier and Minister for the Arts of New South Wales

Messages of Congratulation

I write in support of MR William Ho of 12/67 Great Western Highway,
Parramatta NSW.
Amongst his many accomplishments in the Chinese community, William
also received the 2006 NSW Premier’s Chinese Community Service Award.
His work is also aimed at helping young people to stay off the streets by offering alternative activities such as self defence classes, lion dancing and social networking in the hope of a better quality of life.
William is now writing a book on Tai Chi, and I congratulate him on his efforts and wish him all the best with this new initiative.
I am very pleased to advise that your application for Justice for the Pence in NSW South Wales has been successful. I am advised that all relevant information will he forwarded direct to your by the NSW Attorney General’s Department

The Hon David Borger MP
Minister for Housing
and Minister for Western Sydney
State Member for Granville

Master William Ho has been a tireless advocate within the Parramatta Community for over 10 years promoting and conducting Tai Chi classes and leading the Sydney Youth Dragon and Lion Dancing Troupe.
William is well known within the Western Sydney Chinese Community and his contribution and leadership is recognised and acknowledged. He is an exemplary role model for others and his unselfish work is appreciated.
His work has increased confidence and raised the quality of life for all involved through regular exercise resulting in better health.
I have no hesitation in supporting Master William Ho in his endeavours to produce a book on Tai Chi.

Tanya Gadiel Mp
Deputy Speaker
State Member for Parramatta