Taoist Healing

A research in USA finds out that, the vertebral column of a person stretches out for almost three to five thousand times in general, which suggests that some sorts of acute injuries and chronic fatigue damages to the part for any person in one’s lifetime can be unavoidable, the results would be structural shifting at spinal joints and vertebrates, the consequence is that the nerves which support internal organs come under simulative pressure, this situation can be one cause to solicit heart diseases, diabetes and a variety of illnesses associated with the inner body such as digestive system disorder etc. internal diseases.

The shifting on the spine or other joints basically produces abnormal pressure and tension etc symptoms that are harmful stimulus acted on the bottom of the nerves, then the nerve signals would be transferred layer by layer to the internal organs, “Disorder Command” could cause a variety of illnesses with all internal organs. For example, a shift at the joint of cervical spine and upper thoracic vertebrae may stimulates sympathetic nerve, which tends to break up the balance between sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve, possibly making heart pulse being out of order, or even a worse situation for angina spasm of coronary heart disease, however there have been no effective methods at the moment to cure up frequent outbreaks of this type of heart disease through normal meditation process. In addition, shift occurring at different interval of a spine would stimulate different nerve, possibly leading to the results as cervicogenic migraine headache, blur vision, canker of the alimentary canal, diabetes and even a state of sterility for women etc.

Master William Ho doing massage for lady Dinah Black

Tai Chi & Ba Gua kung-fu for Traumatic-Orthopedic Massage

The Taoist ideologies has a guidance on everything of our world for the practitioners, there have been many Taoist practitioners who eventually became well known servicemen at all social levels, from civilians of the stratum to the big figures such as state, political and economical domains. For instance, the origination and the development of traditional Chinese medicine, military art of war, cosmetic science, and education and publicity culture, domestic ethics and moral behaviours for the existence in the society etc are all permeated with the Taoist theories.

The physiotherapy massage of traditional Chinese medicine which has passed down over several thousand years, is a set of complete systematic medical means, a methodology for medical treatment, it has been well regarded by the society around the world from ancient time to the modern ear. There is always a set of physiotherapy massage techniques for traumatic treatment among the major kung fu branches of Chinese traditional martial arts professionals, they have been used as instant medical treatment methods for the occasions that disciples are injured in their exercises or wounded in combat practices with other fellows. The creation of a methodology (including herb medication) for medical treatment is a traumatic-orthopedic treatment system which must be possessed by every high standard school. It is not hard to understand that unexpected injury to the body happen quite often when practicing the skills, a master trainer would not be able to maintain the career of teaching kung fu if injured learner is sent to a doctor on every occasion.

The Taoist kung fu owns a set of unique techniques for physiotherapy treatment on traumatic-orthopedic injuries which is not the same as the general injuries. Because the Taoist Wu-dang kung fu is one’s real experiences and savvies gained from the practice of Tai Chi & Ba Gua kung fu which creates the condition and power of a body with softness and elasticity, and plus frequently occurred injury accidents in combat and fighting over a long period of time (the author has the experience of self traumatic treatment after injured in practise for a few times), and also all acquirements of knowledge in the traditional Chinese traumatology and orthopaedics encompassing the traditional Chinese pathology, pharmacy, physiology, somatology, anatomy, and also clinic experience of medical treatment, only the combination of the entire knowledge mentioned above constitutes the content of the qualified Taoist physiotherapy massage. So, the author has a few cases of medical treatment, that indicates it may take only about ten minutes to bring diaphysis into effect for normal arthrosis shift and muscle wrick, and the accessory physiotherapy were used to cure the wounded area by special medicated wine preserved with herbs and natural nutritional ingredients. And in general, the recovery of normal functions was only in a few days.

The practice of the Tai Chi & Ba Gua kung fu which creates the power of a soft and elastic force which cane be formed only through long time training, and also the hand techniques of round path massage. It has a direct effect on relieving of pains and acceptable to injured person. On the other hand, if rough or gruff force will be not acceptable to victims if it is imposed on wounded area, hence the medical effect would not be good.

For those past injuries which have been left untreated in time and cured after hurt, the arthroses at the bone joints and the veins in the muscles of injured part may be sticked together a few years later, forming nugget which seriously blocks the circulation of blood and vigour energy, and causing numbness or pain, this is a stubborn illness and extremely different to cure.

For this type of wounded part of physical injuries, the Tai Chi & Ba Gua kung fu and massage techniques have to be used, meanwhile, accompanied by the exercises of the kung fu, through physiotherapeutic means with the combination of internal and external treatment, in general all of them can be cured.

I have used my experiences to coach many students who have the injuries that were suffered previously, and by taking the combination method, the mentioned massage and practise the Tai Chi & Ba Gua kung fu, they have mastered of the Tai Chi & Ba Gua kung fu and while have their lasting injuries cured after the learning and receiving medical treatment for a few year, realizing the curative effect from self serviced massage, the results have been under control in long time meditation and practise, that comes to be the ultimate medical effect.

Revolving Twisting and Spiral Reeling

The moves of the revolving twisting and spiral reeling are the going round forms particularly featured in the Tai Chi and Ba Gua kung fu, it contains the law of the Yin/Yang and False/True transformations, apart from the function of relieving rigidity of muscles and activating collaterals, dispersing stagnated channels and meridians and vessels, boosting the circulation of blood and qi, it also strengthen body fitness and reduce heavy weight, readjusting build, shaping figure, as well as the specific effects of qi mobilization and release of power bursting, dispelling catching and fetching, getting rid of the restraints on moves.

When practicing the kung fu, all exercises for moves are taken in the forms of loosening and elasticity.  The method is to combine the cycle and arc walking with revolving twisting and spiral wiring movement exercises. A regular use of this method for practicing may have the physique become soft character, muscles become gentle and elastic, and then all moves can be well under control in the relaxed and gentle mode, especially for the part of waist and abdomen, which has a direct weight reducing effect for those fatty body figures. In conjunction with The Taoist “highly concentrated Qi and delicate softness” abdomen style deep breath, it promotes the inner organs to conduct self theoretical massage, so the internal fat would not accumulate inside the body, and the result would be a flat but not a fatty belly. Then an adequate shape of the physique can be flexible to do exercises.

If the practicing method as mentioned above is used in training, there will be a great method for adjusting and humanizing inner body balance, its effect is not only on health condition but also improvement on the self balancing ability of elders, minimizing the possibility of unconscious fall down. In respect of the self defense, it maybe used to confront the attacks of arresting, catching, and wrestling, by applying the technique of utilizing the attacking force from an opponent and have it dissolved, and also the tactic of turning around stepping or sinking squat to unload the force, the attack offensive can be eliminated, if some techniques reversing to the arresting and catching are applied to draw the body of the opponent to loose physical balance, it would be very easy to knock the opponent down. The application of the special revolving technique in theoretical massage would produce unique effectiveness. As to a part of limbs such as a joint where there are ill or shifted muscles and veins due to out surface injury, by applying this type of special revolving technique the injured part may be expedited to revert successfully to their original positions. There have been a few cases that I have treated dislocated and twisted joint by taking this technique, the curative effect is 50 % faster than the one under normal medical treatment. The reason is simple that, at the first the shifted or ill part is reverted its position and normal condition by a special handy technique, then a heated special herb alcohol drink is applied to the wounded part, intending to enhance the circulation of the blood and vital energy, eliminate the obstruction of blood vessels and acesodyne, eventually the affected part would be in a normal condition.