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This lady on right she is 97 years young lady She could standing on leg, her balance is very good

Liu Zi Jian: a legendary knight-errant figure is still well alive at 115 years of age

“Yangtze Knight-errant”
Liu Zi Jian

Article about Liu Zi Jian

As one of the three knight-errant figures being popular at the end of Qing Dynasty and the early of Min Dynasty, the “Yangtze Knight-errant”, Master Liu Zi Jian is still alive in a good health in China (the other two well known names are the “Tianjin Knight-errant” Huo Yuan Jia, the “Northern-southern Knight-errant” Du Xin Wu). His achievement has been highlighted by the professional accreditation, the “Ninth Grade”, which is at the top level of professional titles awarded by the martial arts authority in China, the China Wushu Association in 2002, which is the first time to honour a person who is from a folk background but not the academism, and also he is the eldest one among all of the Ninth Grade Wushu masters in China. And he also have had much more honourable title, professional advisory and deputy positions of many martial arts organisation in both China and the world.
As an elder aged at 115, Mr. Liu appears with bright white hairs and sanguine face, long whiskers drooping to his chest, light-fingered, quick reaction, amazingly still bears a hale build, acute hearing and clear vision, stentorian voice, which makes no problem for him to do reading, writing and painting, and sing songs of Chinese Opera. Nevertheless, his walking is like a flow of breeze, his routine walking is over hundred kilometres for everyday. Sounds unbelievable,  but a fact is that, a few of young guys would not be able to move him if he stands there.
Mr. Liu was born on 15 October 1893 in Yichang of Hubei Province, and then has been fostered in a highly reputable family which operated a clinic practicing ancestral traditional Chinese medicine and inherited the heritages of Chinese martial arts. At the current he is living in Chongqing of Sichuan Province.
He started to practice martial arts in 1900 as at the age of 7 by following his mother. Five years later, he started to follow some well known kung fu masters such as “Wudang Master” Li Guo Cao; Jiang Ying from Hubei Province; Ding Shi Rong (“Broadsword body guard” for Queen Mother Cixi of Qing Dynasty); Yi Fu (the second succession generation of great Master Dong Hai Chuan). He also had followed well known the “Spiritual Palm” Li Chang Ye from E Mei Mountain; the principal priest Xu Ben Shan of Taoist “Zixiao school”, from him Liu had learned “Consecutive Wandering Ba Gua Zhang”, and then he had become one of the third secession generation of the “Consecutive Wandering Ba Gua Zhang”.
Mr Liu Zi Jian has contributed his knowledge on Chinese medicine to numerous people in the past, set up the workshop for martial arts training. More than 5000 students have learned from him, that is only the number in Mainland China, while many of them have also become qualified instructors, up till now there have been five generations following the tree of his training, and even many are now living outside of Mainland China.
The secret recipe for heath preservation from him
Mr Liu Zi Jian has practiced the kung fu for more than 100 years, the literature “The Mixed Element Health Preservation Practicing Know-hows in Ba Gua” is the general conclusion of his experiences. He also written the books, such as “Chinese Wudang Internal Martial Arts Practicing”; “Ba Gua Health Preservation” etc.
His remarks:
“Full for breakfast, Good for lunch, and Little for dinner”. He usually gets up at 6:00 in the morning, and practice Ba Gua Zhang for one hour, afterwards a breakfast. A typical meal for the breakfast includes: 4 eggs, 4 steamed breads, 2 big steamed buns, and 1 glass of soy-bean milk. His recommends are: take very low fat and sugar contained foods; take lots of vegetables and fruits; 8 hour sleeping a day is necessary. He usually takes wheat powder drink, never eats sea foods.
Apart from practicing, a good regular living habit is very important. However, the most important factor is an optimistic and happy mood for everyday life.
The amazing thing is the data figures of the index tested on his health condition, which has been taken by San Francisco Hospital in USA, indicates that his health condition is still very identical to a normal young person. Now his target is the world record of 122 year age in the world.