Self Defense

100% real self defense skills

Using your opponents power to defeat your opponent.

This is best explained by the Taoist proverb

“ may 4 ounces move 1000 pounds ”

The basic principle of Taoist Martial Arts to improve one’ s mind with the aim of improving health and longevity. Once a healthy body and soul is achieved, self defense skills will come about naturally.

Striving for one’s mind to be gentle in the long term improves attitudes and behaviors. This way, when physical violence is encountered, a Taoist practitioner will never preemptively attack another person . Taoist Martial Arts skills are all based on the opponent attacking first, and then following the direction of the power to counter the attack.

The following self defense techniques are all based on this principle, This is meant by 100% self defense skills and to learn this one must understand the theory of using your opponents’ power and the physics behind the movements. No matter how desperate the situation is, one must stay clam and relaxed, only then will one be able to improve the situation

For any school of martial arts there is always a set of skills for self defence and for combat with their own features, while the Tai Chi & Ba Gua kung fu has the focus on the study of self defence. Because the Tai Chi & Ba Gua kung fu falls into the contents of the Taoist practice, which should be in accordance with the tenet of “cultivation of mind and preservation of mood, healthiness and longevity”. The aims of the practice is for the “maintenance of fitness and conservation of Qi”, but not for combat, at the same time, remarkable effectiveness of health condition and abundant & flourishing blood and vigour energy, then the capability of self defence can be naturally generated. Acting is quick, and reacting is rapid, light-heeled and act freely, equipped with this type of health condition and plus the skills of Tai Chi & Ba Gua, accurately applying the rules of physics and following up the principle of “four Liang strength levering thousand Jin force”, it may not need great efforts to conduct self protection.

Bagua Zhang ThrowFirstly, mentality and ideology guide real action, every facet should follow the tenet and fundamentals for the Taoism practice. The ancients established the forms of the Tai Chi & Ba Gua kung fu, all of them are of the nature for self-defense, a passive fight-back would be taken only under the situation of facing an active attack. The art of “giving up and following up, fighting back by taking the advantages” is just the Tai Chi & Ba Gua kung I am coaching at the current, literally it means that the very first thing is to try to escape the trouble encountered, and then concede for three moves in virtue of that action is right after courtesy, only after knowing the attacking from and striking direction, the way of “counter attacking in virtue of aggressing force, fighting back by taking the advantages”. Of my practice in dozen years, quite often there is such kind of practical combat experience, that is opponent was knocked down under the prerequisite of no self injury occurring, or opponent was aware of the toughness and decided to withdraw.

The most special feature of the self defense skills in the Tai Chi & Ba Gua kung fu is the combination of “loosening and softness” and “reeling revolving”, and becoming an angle directed drawing force, if this force was acted on the punching force from the opponent, forming a greater strength in a parabola path, eventually realizing the object of “four Liang strength levering thousand Jin force”. On the other hand, when
applying a slanting force to hit an opponent, because the force would not deeply hurt the body of the opponent, then there will be two effects: the first, the inner organs of the opponent would not be hurt by the strength because the direction of the angled striking would be changed or assimilated as contacting with each other, otherwise straight strength would cause direct damages deeply to the inner organs. The second, the applying of a slanting strength is intended to draw away the straightaway striking force, followed by a tactic of pulling the opponent down. More, the tangent angle to an arc path can be adjusted, in terms of that the strength of the force on the opponent can be increased or decreased to a degree of causing no injury to the body of the opponent. It comes to the conclusion that once straightaway force is given off, it is very hard to have the force ceased and the direction changed, and actually the manner of easily causing injury is not in line with the Taoist principle of “cultivation of mind and conservation of mood”. Yet, the state of “loosening and softness” and also “reeling revolving” are
the conditions for freely and facilitated actions, the achievement of “four Liang strength levering thousand Jin force” is a long lasting practice of Tai Chi in combination with Ba Gua.

The higher artistic conception for practicing the Taoist kung-fu is that disposing a proper strike of a limited power, and also “forgiving the opponent wherever the necessary is”. In the reality, it is quite often for me to interchange the experiences with some strong young men in pair of hand-to-hand pushing exercises, as any of pushing or enforced snatching moves were easily dismantled by using the skill of “four Liang strength levering thousand Jin force”. Even, one master level practitioner didn’t believe my “four Liangs” can lever his “thousand Jin force”, he took a special trip to Sydney to meet with me, then after a set of pushing exercises in pair in only three minutes he believed. Afterwards, he consulted with me for a higher level of kung fu, and suggested to set up a Tai Chi & Ba Gua branch at his place in order to
promote the “four Liang strength levering thousand Jin force” skill, some time later his disciples did some outstanding performances and acquired top three ranking positions in a local push hand and free combat contest.

At the moment, there are also more branches set up in Melbourne and Brisbane, and there are numerous students who are under my direct coaching and promoting the “four Liang strength levering thousand Jin force” skill and the basic “softness overcomes rigidity” kung-fu, fundamentally the feature is a combination of “loosening and softness” and “reeling revolving”.