Push Hands

Push Hands 1

Yin/Yang and Push Hands for Combat

A practicing progress that is from the basic pushing hands to combating, an understanding on Yin/Yang and real insights into False/True must take place, actually the learning of an Actual Detecting Strength and Understanding Strength. The aim of Aural Detecting Strength is to know the enemy and know yourself (the term in The Art of War), then keep clear of other party and follow the moves of other party in order to dissolve the power of the attacking party. Basically, Aural Sense Strength is a prerequisite for Understanding Strength, which is to know the power strength and moving direction by one’s own sense. The kind of feeling sense is just Aural Sense Strength, where the momentum and direction of an arriving energy and going potential are detected, both of Aural Sense Strength and Understanding Strength are mastered till the moment that “Four liang force can leverage the power of over a thousand jins is to be carried out.

The theories of Tai Chi Chuan say that “deflected presenting opportunities”, “stagnancy being from weighty interaction”, literally it states that the rule of Yin/Yang should be followed in pushing hands for combating. Attack action which attributes to the nature of Yang (masculinity) can be dissolved by a tactic of Yin (femininity), it refers to stepping aside for defence, vice verse, when an opponent fails to attack and withdraw back, as being in a state of “Deflection”, then a positive “Adhesive force following deflective weakness”. While, when facing attacking with strong force, no head-on-head defending is allowed, otherwise the fault of “stagnancy being from weighty interaction”. Yin/Yang is two aspects of the law, a unity of opposites, “strengths for weakness, focus for trivial, softness overriding firmness, no loosened empty and no head-on confrontation”.

As to taking the advantages of other’s force and having it eliminated, and further the super level kung fu, in terms of giving a Roland for an Oliver, can be reached, which largely is dependant on the real situation encountered. Because an opponent would carry on the attacking momentum after it is turned off, as at the time the opponent would not be able to held the feet and inevitably tumble to the ground, if the reeling revolving technique which intends to evade attack force is employed, the striking momentum of the opponent would be turned around and it would be rebound to the opponent, actually a process of “giving a Roland for an Oliver”, whereas an extra force by side can be added on to knock down the opponent. The Taoist practicing aims to improve healthiness and remove illness, basically targeting a better quality life and longevity, however, the wounding technique used for combat which is not in accordance with the Heeling & Meditation Tenet is strongly not encouraged. The learning of Tai Chi and Ba Gua kung fu should pay attention on the practicing of virtuous moral set, the technique of “a Roland for an Oliver” can not be used on one’s own discretion in order to avoid any deep injury.