Biography of Master William Ho

The political and economic persecution of a poor family by the Communist Party. (Summarised English Version)

1945 – 9th of February, I was born in Guangzhou Province of China.

1949 – The Chinese Communist Revolution (War of Liberation). Mao Zedong declared the creation of People’s Republic of China. My parents escaped from Guangzhou to Hong Kong.

1950 – My parents returned to Guangzhou to rebuild the “New China”. My father established an Arts and Craft business.

1950-55 – Business grew from 5 to more than 100 employees.

1956 – Communist party declared that private businesses are illegal and, with the help of Unions, owners were forced to hand over their business and personal assets over to the government.

1958 – Mao launched “Great Leaped Forward” movement. My father’s authority within the company was totally stripped and his status was relegated to that of a normal worker. He fell seriously ill as a result and quit the job with the business which he founded. My family’s economic conditions became dire as my mother took up the mantel of the sole supporter of a family of 8.

1959 – My father acquired an official license to teach Tai Chi. He also started an in depth study of Chinese Medicine to become a certified doctor. I started my study of Tai Chi with my father and assisted him in teaching Tai Chi.

1965 – My father’s Tai Chi class has grown to more than 100 disciples, with classes in 2 parks. Family economic conditions improved immensely. The family has more income than the leader Mao Zedong who “officially” receives ¥300 per month. My father was even thinking of buying a house. At this time, the Chairman of the Government is Liu Shaoqi.

1966 – Start of the Cultural Revolution. Liu Shaoqi was deposed. My father was captured as part of the Communist Party’s movement to purge capitalist and traditional elements from the Chinese society. He was imprisoned, tortured and passed away in a few months’ time.

1967 – I took over the Tai Chi classes to support my family. However, the Red Guards forbade me to teach and commanded me to work in the farms. I resisted and a fight broke out during the arrest. I was fired upon by live ammunitions and ran away to Hong Kong in November as a refugee. After this failed arrest, the Red Guards, arrested my mother and confiscated all valuables in the house. My brothers and sisters had to hide in the homes of friends.

1969 – December. I returned from Hong Kong to Guangzhou in an attempt to rescue my family. However, the escape attempt failed and I was captured and imprisoned.

1970 – March. I was sentenced, without trial, to 20 years hard labor during a public announcement in my home town. After a few months, my mother was also sentenced, without trial, to 10 years of hard labor.

1975 – Death of Mao Zedong. My mother was released and she started to appeal for my release with various authorities.’

1980 – Deng Xiaoping took power and reformed the government policy. I was released as a result. Under the communist rule, my family was in jail and subjected to hard labor for a total of 15 years, my father passed away and we lost all our hard-earned possessions. There was no compensation whatsoever. I decided once again to escape to Hong Kong as a refugee.

1980-87 – I travelled extensively between Hong Kong and China working as an employee in a trading company to import new technologies into China. I was exposed to the rampant corruption in the ranks of the government.

1988 – England signed the agreement for the return of Hong Kong to China. I refused to live under the rule of the Communist party and migrated to Taiwan.

1995 – Migrated from Taiwan to Sydney, Australia. Took up my father’s trade and started teaching Tai Chi.

1996–97 – Help with the capture of 2 robbers in 2 separate incidents in Belmore Park, Central Station before handing them over to the police.

2000 – Established the Tai Chi and Bagua Federation. Also established Young Dragon and Lion Dancing Troupe.

2001 – Organised the “Support Beijing bidding for the 2008 Olympic” in Sydney. Organised the first Chinese New Year Festival of Parramatta.

2003 – Established the Parramatta Chinese Community Association, Chinese Cultural Dancing Troupe and Senior Ballroom Dancing Troupe. Started servicing in various Nursing Homes teaching seniors how to exercise.

2005 – Parramatta Council awarded me with the Australian Day Citizen Award.

2006 – Government of NSW awarded me with the Community Service Award and also the winner of the Victor Chang Community Service Award.

2011 – I was awarded the St George Community Award – Volunteer of the year for outstanding services to the St George Community.

2016 – Parramatta Council recognized my efforts for organizing the Chinese New Year Festival for 15 years.

The above is just a short summary of the major awards I have been awarded in the course of my service to the community.

I am a loyal supporter of the Australian community and a true believer of the Australian way of life.

In recent years, I have been attacked and threatened on numerous occasions when speaking about my life experience on various forums on the internet. The communist party, till this day, is afraid of me disclosing my experience publicly. However, I have been asked by my disciples and friends on many occasions over the years regarding my life thus prompting me to write this autobiography.

I am very troubled and am terrified of the Communist Ideals. The recent plans to stage “Glory and Dream, Maoist Remembrance Concert” in Sydney and Melbourne is an indication that the Chinese government is starting to make a move to penetrate into Australia. The strong protest against the staging of the Maoist Remembrance Concert also indicates that there are many other like-minded people who opposes these Maoist ideals.

Australia is my home, I have nowhere else to escape. If the Chinese government is adamant on infiltrating Australia with its’ ideals, I will retaliate as my only choice.

I sincerely hope that the government can take into account my experience, attitude and those of many others who were oppressed by the regime during your discussions on future matters pertaining to Australia – Chinese Government activities.

William Ho has been volunteering his time and effort in various activities around the Cumberland council region since 2001. He was the pioneer who organised the first Lunar New Year Festival of Parramatta in 2001, a hugely popular event which has since taken off and is now an annual council event. Master Ho is still part of the organising team for the last 16 years and has also actively participated in festival’s programs with Martial Art programs.

As a martial arts Master and a Chinese medicine practitioner, he focuses his time on youths and elderlies of the Cumberland council region. In 2001, he established the Young Dragon and Lion Dancing Troupe which aims to pass on this cultural sport into the Australian community. He also hopes that the club will provide a safe and healthy alternative for kids to get off the streets. The Dragon and Lion Dancing troupe has since help countless of youths and is still actively participating in various cultural festivals in the State.

In 2003, Master Ho started to volunteer his service at various Aged Care Homes in the Cumberland regions by teaching them how to exercise. Alarmed by the physical and mental state of these elderlies, Master Ho feels that there is an urgent need to organise activities for the aged and established the Chinese Cultural Dancing Troupe and Senior Ballroom Dancing Troupe. The club meets on a weekly basis to provide an avenue for seniors to come together, to socialise and dance. At its peak, the club welcomes more than a hundred members each week and is still a hugely popular club in the Cumberland region till this day.

The Chinese Cultural Dancing Troupe and Senior Ballroom Dancing Troupe is also linked to the Young Dragon and Lion Dancing Troupe by a unique arrangement instigated by Master Ho. Traditionally, the elderlies are respected and treasured in the Chinese society. Master Ho promotes this practise by having the Young Dragon and Lion Dancing Troupe subsidise the Senior Dance Troupes with a portion of their income. Master Ho feels that this will build the right character for the youths and everybody in the club understands and participates willingly. Till this day, no one in the youth troupe has been in trouble with the police.

Master Ho has a tragic youth having lived through the Chinese Communist Revolution and then the Cultural Revolution of China. He witnessed the loss of his family business and assets under the communist party and the death of his father after being tortured in jail. He himself have been a refugee twice and been wrongly imprisoned for 10 years without having committed a crime in China. In 1995 he immigrated to Australia, he finally found a place where he feels safe and free. He decides to remember his father by continuing his father’s trade by teaching martial arts and practising Chinese medicine. In 1996 – 97, he used his skills as a martial arts master to apprehend 2 robbers in 2 separate incidents in Central Station before the arrival of the police. Master Ho is also a cancer survivor having been diagnosed with Oesophagus cancer before recovering in 2015.

At the age of 72, Master Ho continues to service the community enthusiastically.  He recently launched a local community garden initiative to encourage residents to eat healthily and to promote social cohesion in the local neighbourhood. His Chinese medical practise and martial arts studio is still open 6 days a week and he continue to volunteer at various Aged Care facilities. Master Ho’s actions have touched many people in the last 20 years. His attitude to life and his unending drive to make the culturally diverse community of Cumberland a more cohesive and harmonious place to live  in is an inspiration to all and the reason why I believe he should be the Citizen of the Year.

Large number of Australian elderly are ignoring the following health conditions:

1) unhealthy eating habits leading to being overweight

2) reduced activities and decrease in the capacity of their immune system

3) ignoring good spinal / back health.

I have designed a system of excercise to target these 3 conditions specifically. Anyone who follows the system studiously will have their risk of contracting these 3 conditions reduced significantly.


In light of the current health situations of elderlies that I have personally observed during the course of my volunteering, I would like to propose 2 course of actions for the government’s consideration.

1) Disemminate the DVD and Remedial Tai Chi course materials to all retirement homes and elderly organisations and recommend they introduce this system to all members under their care.

And / or

2) Financially sponsor Master Ho to travel to various areas in Australia to hold classes and promote this system to all care-givers and elderly.