1. To safeguard and uphold Australia’s democratic system and social values; and ensure the stable and harmonious life of multi-ethnic communities.
  2. To improve the health of all people through community service. To realize harmony in community life.

Committee Structure

Executive and Committee Members: 9 positions
Ombudsman  5 positions

Chart of Activities

  1. Sydney Youth Dragon and Lion Dancing Club to impart traditional Lion and Dragon Dancing art to youths. Actively participate in cultural festivals and performance.
  2. Social Dance Club to organise and guide elderlies to participate in Social Dancing
  3. Impart traditional Taoist skills – Tai Chi and Qi Gong
  4. Organise health courses for the elderly and provide therapy for spine problems.
  5. Build mobility scooters for elderly people.
  6. English to Chinese interpretation and translation services.
  7. Computer knowledge courses for  elderly people
  8. Free Hair Cuts for elderly people
  9. Garden vegetable cultivation techniques and courses

Media / Marketing

  1. Produce short films to promote physical activities for the elderly people .

Area of Activities

  1. Granville Town Hall (Government Rental)
  2. William Ho Health Centre (sponsored by William Ho to the Charity for 10 years) – Includes Front, Back yard and a clinic. Also includes sponsoring ½ of the running cost of these areas.
  3. 108 Association Centre (sponsored by 108 Association to the Charity for 10 years) – includes Workshop, Server Room and Meeting Room. Also includes sponsoring ½ of the running cost of these areas.


  1. Sydney Youth Dragon and Lion Dancing Club performance fees
  2. Donations from public
  3. Government funding


  1. Miscellaneous Fees associated with Hall rentals
  2. Insurance
  3. Reimbursement for volunteers
  4. Admin expenses

The Australian Health Charity Federation invites interested people to join us in becoming a founding member.

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