This site was created to promote Chinese Taoist / Daoist Internal Martial Arts and Dragon and Lion Dancing. In particular we specialise in Bagua Zhang ( Pakua) and Yang style Tai Chi ( TaiJi).

We were Australian Chinese Wushu Exchange Association in the past and changed our name to Australia Taoist Kungfu Association in Dec 2008 .

Australia Taoist Kungfu Association Inc. (A.T.K.A) is a non profit community organisation. it’s members consist of a dedicated core group of skilled volunteers.Australia Taoist Kungfu Association Inc; in conjunction with the Parramatta Chinese Community Association is a Parramatta based initiative whose aims and objectives are to develop and promote various Australian and Chinese cultural activities within the Parramatta/ western Sydney area. Currently this organization is operating ongoing Bagua and Tai Chi Chuan classes in Sydney. They can be found most mornings in Parramatta Church St Mall, in the park directly opposite the Parramatta Town Hall. Currently, Master William Ho is the chairman of the Australia Taoist Kungfu Association.

Community Services

We can help organize your large event, celebration or festival. We have helped to organize performances for Government or local council festivals, School multi-cultural festivals/events, small community events.

We also orginise performances for donations to different health funds, Birthday parties, wedding parties and opening ceremonies for new shops.


專門協助多元民族大型節日慶典活動組織籌備和指揮輔導, 協助學校舉辦多元文化教育推廣活動, 援助弱勢民族社區舉辦節日慶典活動, 為慈善籌款活動義演, 為各類慶典活動進行開幕儀式, 商舖公司新張開業, 結婚生日壽宴等喜慶活動.

專門為學校推廣多元文化教育課程而設計, 有師傅到學校教授學生舞龍舞獅技術, 借出全套道具服裝給學生穿著, 學生經過訓練後可以出動表演, 真實地進入學習和理解中國傳統文化意境, 收到完滿的多元文化教育成果.

[ dragon motion therapy]

Chinese Medical Services:
Master Ho has been accreditated by the Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Society of Australia.
His areas of expertise are: Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Chinese Massage,  herb therapy, and Spinal Nervous Compressed Syndrome.

Everyday Classes in Sydney:  Taoist gikung, Wudang Kungfu, TaiChi, Bagua & Xingyi, Dragon & Lion Dance, Private lessons.

Special Classes for Holiday to  Australia  in Sydney

 for tourists and international students

Ancestral Secret teaching.

Be Healed by Taoist Master

Are you tired of chronic back pain? Or are you sick of never-ending illness? Perhaps you are keen to reduce your waist line?

Don’t give up yet, there is still a good chance that you can claim your health back. By living with the Taoist Master, you will have a rare access to the ancient Chinese healing system. This integrated system includes the use of herbal medicine, special nutrition and therapeutic massage, followed by Qigong breathing techniques, gentle movements and mediation. A daily treatment will be tailored to suit your specific medical conditions.

If you wish to give it a go and find out more about this opportunity, please contact Master William Ho via mobile 0417 275 325 or email


入室弟子必須是有正當職業工作的成年人, 或正在上學讀書青少年利用假期接受訓練的人, 包括曾經長期醫治未能愈好的體弱多病者, 患有椎骨關節移位歪邪壓迫神經腺而引發的痛症和病變, 指導矯正身材和健美減肥. 採取道家入室弟子修煉方式, 必須和師傅同一地區住宿, 以便安排每天的中醫藥健身養生食療食補和結合練習氣功, 太極, 八卦等道家功夫, 費用包括房租, 用飧飲食, 教授功夫等, 課程以不同的功夫水平與難度區分時間長短, 從最少的三天密集訓練日起, 可以延長至數年. 報名請聯絡 Email: 或電0417275325洽

Unique Opportunity to Live and Train with Taoist Master

Are you a student who wants to learn authentic Taoist Kungfu directly from a Master? Or are you a working professional who is keen to devote your free time learning the secrets of Chinese internal martial arts?

For a limited time, there is a rare opportunity to live and train with the Taoist Kungfu Master. Your daily training will be based on an integrated approach. Under the Master’s personal guidance, you will improve your Kungfu skills in Taijiquan, Bagua zhang and Qigong, and also learn special Chinese nutrition and Therapeutic massage for injury prevention and healing.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Master William Ho via mobile 0417 275 325 or email

Self Defense

100% real self defense skills Using your opponents power to defeat your opponent. This is best explained by the Taoist proverb “ may 4 ounces move 1000 pounds ”

 Please RSVP to William Ho Mob 0417 275 325 or Jane 0417 181 933.


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三年系統教學 , 內容包括中國文化 , 道家思想 , 陰陽理論 , 龍柔氣功 , 太極八卦形意功夫 , 推手和自衛術 , 中醫傷科按摩推拿 , 跌打正骨 , 脊惟矯正術 , 中醫簡昜常用藥物 . 教學資料包括一本書 , 十五個光牒 , 完成全部課程可以取得道家功夫第三級畢業証書 . 繼續深造完成教練培訓兩年課程 , 可以取得第四級以上教練証書 .

DVD & CD [15] for all classes are provided

社會服務 運動醫療

祖傳中醫跌打 道家推拿正骨手術 配合現代科學西醫按摩療法 特效矯正脊椎移位歪邪為你解決身材畸型問題 同時根據病情指導你使用中醫藥食療食補調理氣血 教你道家養生氣功 太極八卦功夫 短期內會病情好轉 繼而氣血旺盛身材健美精神健康

專治>>久治不愈長期慢性疾病和痛症  請預約>>跌打正骨推拿矯正脊椎專家  道家氣功太極八卦教授  中醫何威廉師傅>>1996-1997兩次仗義助人單身捉拿街頭搶匪  2005年巴拉瑪打市義工服務最高榮譽公民大獎  2006年紐省華人社區義工服務最高榮譽大獎  同年榮獲西雪梨民族社區義工服務大獎  2011年省長頒授社區長期服務義工大獎  創立澳中武術交流協會  澳洲道家功夫學會  雪梨青少年龍獅團  中華太極八卦總會  巴拉瑪打華人協會等

Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Society Of A USTRLIA Ltd

澳大利亞中醫學會會員 [CMASA] Number: 0704